Thursday, April 18, 2013

12 months

We know it's only been a year, but we can't picture life without Brin. She brings us so much joy, worry, and hours of endless entertainment. 

Brin is still forging new frontiers and has discovered the wonders of climbing up to the window sills. Once on top she can see out to the city and watch the birds whiz by our windows. When this isn't enough she can make her way up the table and disrupt what ever we have left there foolishly thinking it is out of reach of our little explorer. 

Brin now has a regular tag-a-long either her teddy bear or her new stuffed elephant. She has really taken to anything with a face. When we ask her what she has she'll often turn and look at her stuffed animal, smile and give it a kiss, talk to it, and proceed to mash her finger into one of the eyes (when given the opportunity she tries to do the same to babies smaller than her).

We finally had a day or two of nice weather, so we decided to take Brin to the school playground across the street after school was out. She had a blast! She ran around chasing us and would follow us up the jungle gym, screaming with excitement all the while. The first few times we sent her down the slide she'd start off very excited until she was about halfway down were her grin would turn into a look of "uhh, I'm not so sure about thiiiiisss", but she would laugh nervously at the end and let us send her down a few more times until she actually began to enjoy it. Jeremy especially liked that her hair would stand on end from all the static produced by the plastic slide adding to the manic look she'd get.
We had so much fun that the next day we were walking one of Jeremy's classmates home and were passing the park and decided to show them how excited Brin got at a playground, only this time there were children there and Brin was totally uninterested in anything other than getting as close a she could to any child and stand and gawk at them. She loves kids but as of late she has become untrusting of any unfamiliar adult face.

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