Monday, August 4, 2008

Fourth Of July

Again this was a month ago...

My nephew and niece lil' A and EMB came with Jeremy and I to watch the Freedom Festival Parade on the 4th of July. We were anticipating the weather to be super hot but as you can see we were fortunate enough to get a little cloud cover for the whole parade. I think overall it was a pretty good parade.

That had to be fun to be dressed up as Darth Vader in July.

I thought this one was pretty impressive. It was done by a ward. If you notice it says "Family Time is Sharing Time" and apparently some family is sharing with a bunch of ants.

Nothing says "God Bless America" like a giant bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wasatch Ragnar Relay 2008!

I know that we created this blog ages ago and we really had great intentions of posting but procrastination has had the best of us. So in the next couple of posts we are going to try to play a little catch up.

This first one we see here was the Ragnar Relay back in late May. The relay consists of 12 runners that run a total of 182 miles and takes roughly 24-30 hours. Each runner runs three legs which total approximately a half marathon. Jeremy was one of these lucky twelve to run. I didn't run but just volunteer.
Jeremy leaving one of the exchanges.

Jeremy ran the very last leg. As he came in the rest of the team got to run the final stretch with him over the finish line.

Happy but exhausted.

I felt a little silly getting a metal because I didn't run but everyone involved in a "team" receives a metal that includes the team's volunteers. So I guess good job to me.

This is the field you arrive to at the finish line. I just thought the umbrellas and clouds looked cool.

I now feel one with the Ewoks.

As we were enjoying the Hardy Family Reunion our tent gave up the ghost. To replace our dearly departed tent we stumbled across these two little beauties (The hammocks not the two good looking people you see below).

They are Hennessy Hammocks. We bought them without really knowing what we were getting into. But, all doubts were put to rest after a trip to the duck pond just south of campus. Rachel really likes that they are super light, and really easy to set up. I like that they will cut down on the amount of supplies we will hike into an area. Because of the hammocks we won't need to find a level patch of soft ground, bring ground cover, and a sleeping pad. There are no poles, just two anchor points and two stakes.

The entrance is through the bottom of the hammock and the velcro seals up once you get inside. (Look a beautiful butterfly emerging from it's cocoon)

Pretty spacious eh?
Cool camping chairs to boot.
Hope to see you all soon and we are excited to go camping... preferably somewhere with trees.