Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boston Library

Jeremy had been studying at the public library so we met him for lunch. It is such a beautiful building so I thought I'd share a few pictures.


Walking home with our friends one day we heard music from a nearby park. We stopped to check it out. There were lots of people out enjoying the music and a swarm of kids around this man blowing enormous bubbles.

Beating the Heat

With another sticky day we headed to the fountain just outside the Prudential. We had a good time but Brin still isn't convinced that being doused with cold water is a great idea, even on a hot day.

Afternoon at the playground

The weather has been super humid the past few weeks and getting out in the middle of the day seems less and less attractive. We had had about enough of indoors for the day and needed to get out. 

Because I am lazy I usually help walk her up the slide instead of taking her all the way up the playground and then down the slide. Consequently she thinks the only way to the top of the slide is to walk up it. This is her trying to climb it on her own, almost making it and sliding back to the bottom.

Love this face!