Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brooke: 4 months

Height: 23.75 inches
Weight: 11.59 lbs

Brooke has found her voice and has been yelling/growling of late. Strangers often mistake these noises for signs that she is angry or upset but in reality she just likes the sound of it. She is rolling around and even starting to pivot on her tummy! It seems to all be happening so fast! Where does the time go! Some of my favorite moments are when I catch Brin and Brooke playing together and Brin makes Brooke break into full belly laughs. I have yet to catch it on video, they stop when they see the camera. We love our little girl!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Being in a tiny place you learn to be creative with space.  When Brin was a baby I didn't bother with a baby gym but instead hung toys from a broom stick suspended between two chairs; it did the trick. I have tried that twice with Brooke. The first time was fine, Brin was excited to lay down by her baby sister and help her play with her toys hog all of the toys. The second time ended as Brin tried to take the broom stick from between the chairs, causing one end to fall millimeters from Brooke's face. So that is how Brooke's new play station ended up under Brin's highchair. No one seems to be complaining...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just 'cause she's cute

Jeremy is always telling me we need to post more pictures of the two of us because our blog looks like a shrine for our children. I think it would be easier if we were as cute as our kids.

Jilly Comes to Beantown

We were so lucky to have this pretty gal come hang with us for the week.  I know we all enjoyed her company and showing her around. It's always great to have family around! Thanks Jill!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brooke: 3 Months

(So, I took the usual pictures with her in a onesie with the blanket as the backdrop, but somehow I lost them. I thought I had uploaded the pictures so I deleted them from the memory card. I went to view them later and no pictures were to be found. If only she didn't have a space cadet for a mother... The picture below is of Brooke at three months, we'll just have to make due with what we've got.)

Brooke is such a sweet little thing and such a good sleeper! She smiles and gives full belly laughs and often finds Brin particularly funny.  She isn't the biggest fan of tummy time but loves swatting at her toys. Her newest trick is blowing bubbles, which of course leaves a huge puddle of spit on her chest. Brooke is a joy to have around and we are so blessed to have this little bundle in our family.

Tuckered Out

We just had a fun and busy week and I think everyone was just a little bit tired. Brin even tucked herself in for an earlier-than-usual nap.

Her most recent best friend "Ducky".  He's snugglier than you might think. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brooke: 2 Months

 Height: 21.25 inches
Weight: 9.69 pounds

We haven't had any cooing yet but we get lots of grinning, especially just after eating. She will often sleep through the night but we do get the occasional 3 am feeding. She has improved her eating skills, but hasn't quite perfected them; we still have to pause several times if I don't want to wear everything she's just put down. She does a great job lifting her head but hates tummy time. Other than that, she is still just "a boring baby" -Dad. I threw in some comparison pics of her and Brin at this age for all of you that keep asking.

Brin's hair
Brooke's hair
Brin                                                              Brooke

We sure love our little Brooke.