Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wasatch Ragnar Relay 2008!

I know that we created this blog ages ago and we really had great intentions of posting but procrastination has had the best of us. So in the next couple of posts we are going to try to play a little catch up.

This first one we see here was the Ragnar Relay back in late May. The relay consists of 12 runners that run a total of 182 miles and takes roughly 24-30 hours. Each runner runs three legs which total approximately a half marathon. Jeremy was one of these lucky twelve to run. I didn't run but just volunteer.
Jeremy leaving one of the exchanges.

Jeremy ran the very last leg. As he came in the rest of the team got to run the final stretch with him over the finish line.

Happy but exhausted.

I felt a little silly getting a metal because I didn't run but everyone involved in a "team" receives a metal that includes the team's volunteers. So I guess good job to me.

This is the field you arrive to at the finish line. I just thought the umbrellas and clouds looked cool.


Brandon and Emily Dorman said...

It is about time you posted something! Well, I glad we get to see what you guys are up to. And it looks like you are having some fun. I like the first photo of Jeremy running. Great action shot. Congrats on the race and your medals.

ablackman said...

I didn't know you guys participated in the Ragnar! I was there as a driver for a team made up mostly of guys from Wavetronix. It was a good time for sure!

John Dough said...

Pretty cool man. Maybe someday you and I can run a marathon together.