Sunday, August 3, 2008

I now feel one with the Ewoks.

As we were enjoying the Hardy Family Reunion our tent gave up the ghost. To replace our dearly departed tent we stumbled across these two little beauties (The hammocks not the two good looking people you see below).

They are Hennessy Hammocks. We bought them without really knowing what we were getting into. But, all doubts were put to rest after a trip to the duck pond just south of campus. Rachel really likes that they are super light, and really easy to set up. I like that they will cut down on the amount of supplies we will hike into an area. Because of the hammocks we won't need to find a level patch of soft ground, bring ground cover, and a sleeping pad. There are no poles, just two anchor points and two stakes.

The entrance is through the bottom of the hammock and the velcro seals up once you get inside. (Look a beautiful butterfly emerging from it's cocoon)

Pretty spacious eh?
Cool camping chairs to boot.
Hope to see you all soon and we are excited to go camping... preferably somewhere with trees.


Shannon said...

Those are so cool! Where did you get those?

Rachel said...

We got them from REI. There was a garage sale last Saturday and yours truly got an smokin' deal on them. How was the rest of the ride home?

Gerb said...

Seriously, you need to let us in on the REI garage sales. Share the love! (in fact, Allen is in love with your new hammocks.)

Rachel said...

We really had good intentions of letting everyone know about this last one but it kind of snuck up on us. So sorry. We'll make sure to post the next one we find out about.

Pierce and Stacy said...

Hey... I found you guys through Tania and Derek. Pierce and I love your hammock tents! We love camping. We're planning on going before the semester ends, want to come?!?! I'm adding you to our blog!