Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fourth of July

I know that it's waay past the Fourth of July but looking through pictures I thought I'd share anyway. This year we had the chance to watch fireworks on the shore of the Charles River but to get a decent spot we camped out all day in the blazing heat. We had a great time playing games with friends, eating good food and enjoying the view.

We were right on the water and in a wonderful patch of shade which helped in the 100 degree heat and 80% humidity. You can see by Brin's face that we were happy about this!

There was plenty of security due to the bombings earlier this year.
Yeah, we're patriotic.

Jeremy and I have noticed that we don't take enough pictures of the tow of us and that our blog seems to be a shrine to Brin. Well, here is evidence that we are around and doing things but also an explanation for why we tend not to feature ourselves on the blog. These are typical pictures of how we look on the other end of the lens...

Darkness fell and the show was fantastic! There was music playing on the loud speakers throughout the park adding to the ambiance. We felt from the start that the show was about to end because each series of explosions were so fantastic that we were sure it was the finale. 

We thought this building across the river was pretty fun. A bit spotty but cool all the same.
 We were pretty excited to see how Brin reacted to the fireworks because all week people in our neighborhood had been shooting them off lighting up our back window. She would climb up and say "wow". However, when the fireworks started she wasn't sure she liked all the noise and kept putting my hands over her ears. Eventually Jeremy showed her to plug her own ears and life seemed much better.

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