Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Party

After over 5,000 hand-cut dots, sixty pounds of potatoes, forty-five wire trees, and fifteen Christmas hams we finally finished one exciting Christmas Party. (Yes, Rachel cut out all those little dots on her own, with nothing but a crummy little set of scissors!)

There was great food, and an amazing group of people that made the night  truly enchanting. 

Thanks to all those that helped with the delicious food, wonderful musical performances, decorations, and--of course--the visit from St. "Nick"-olas.

Have I mentioned how much Brinley loves Santa Claus?


Jayson & Sara said...

Ah! Looks just like Lu! Those dots were a really neat idea. They look awesome! Definitely worth the cramped hand muscles.

Brandon and Emily said...

Rachel you are amazing!!!! And Brinley's photo just made my day. Someday, she will love Santa.